Red/Blue Paradox

By: Zepper
Competition Year: 2013
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What is science, if not grounded upon truth?
Before I proceed,
I must specify what is meant by truth,
For it doesn’t exist – objectively that is,
I observe (subjectively) –
Red where Dalton saw blue –
A Quaker’s notorious faux pas,
And was his blue any less true than my red?
‘Yes!’ you could say:
(Though, of course, a mistake)
‘It was the fault of his cones that led to a red confused with blue.’
However, I will maintain that his blue was no less true,
Than my red is to me,
Regardless of his condition that is what he did see,
What is science, if not grounded upon the truth that is subjectivity?

‘Then what is science?’
I am sure you now ask,
‘If truth, you say, is sight distorted!’
A paradigm, a gossamer sewn web,
Into which we knit everything known!
We both craft webs with needle and thread,
Each of which has claim to be true,
How odd then –
That mine should be red, whilst your own is blue?
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I really like this
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