Spacium Caelum

By: marcus_trinder (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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We are amongst eternal eternity
We are living in profound perpetuity

Are we random consequences
Of random events in a random cosmos

Do we have a significant purpose
Or are we ineffectual until we are carcases

Is the truth so close and parallel
Yet unreachable and we’re powerless to tell

If we stare so far into there
The vision is beauty, but past that’s a glare

We barely distinguish the place we name home
And are fragile to the forces of strange obscurity

Our world could collide with a demonic
Abomination of fatality and terror

Yet we strive to dither
From our delicate sensitivity

But the hooded moths come screaming
And scrambling, envious of intelligence

Here comes the sound, of raging epiphanies
And they will banish all new branches

Till the truth is apparent, they will

Marcus Anthony Trinder
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