By: whaley (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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Walking through the alley at the dead of a starry night

Utopian thoughts of travelling faster than light

Humans quantum jumping might just be whimsically right

But then again it is a mare dream at night

Up and bustling on sizzling morning tea

Reflections scattered as waves on a turbulent sea

No coursework! – That’s a very honest plea

“Heck!” that thought just ruined my honey sweetened Lipton tea

Shrugging and sobbing to a donnish 9 o’clock class

If only attendance will procure a paltry pass

Suddenly! He bellows that Energy is all about mass

Thankfully I’ve got just one more class

Tick tock and it’s already noon

Enigma café briefly then across to George-Begg soon

Packed to capacity but I find a space to avoid impending coursework doom

5 hours gone and there; a glimpse of a gibbous moon

Oh what a gruesome day it has been

As I trot en route home via the “5th Ave” scene

Hopes of a revered Friday fulfill my being

Till then, I’ll return to my dream

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