The Rainbow

By: Leon (School of Chemistry)
Competition Year: 2014
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In times when many feared,
The bow of a saviour appeared.
Bright with colour and wonder,
Strength and courage for those feeling asunder.

Through the clouds and out of the rain,
A colourful spectacle appeared to ease the pain.
Colours of the sky and colours of the ocean,
Blended together to inspire great emotion.

It rose out of the puddles and the flood,
Filling the sky with life and new blood.
Never ceasing to amaze,
Never failing to catch a gaze.

Inspiration by a phenomenon set apart,
Catching the hearts of science and art.
Complexity and simplicity in one,
A beauty under the sun.

Increasing amazement with each closer stare,
A great ponder for those who dare.
The laws of maths governs it curves,
It shows the majesty of physics which its arch preserves.

It holds strong in times of peace and war,
The eyes of both pacifists and soldiers saw.
A silent monument of brilliance and tranquility,
A reminder of the power of humility.

Out of the ashes came the mythical bird of fire,
A fairy tale that helps many to aspire.
This is a wonder that rises from the water,
A real bow that saves hearts and minds from slaughter.
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