Infinitus Physikos

By: marcus_trinder (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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Here, we are strange superfluities
Alive, able-bodied, but still no idea
of an entire rationale of existence

Here, we can qualm our reality
Assist when somebody has a fear
But still no idea, of the incessant caverns of the Unknown

There, naive innocents plummet into the praying snare
of the hooded moths scrambling and screaming
injecting their arbitrary units of conned phenomena.

From that imprudent call of conflict
came the waiting separation of fuming
civilisations skirmishing with diverse fraudulant ideas of humanity.

Countless Epiphanies anon... ~

Now, the perimeter breached and the truth is scared
A phenomenon with a Scientia thats structuring,
Structuring an entire new understanding of the universal Black

Shadows afraid, light is coming,
A fresh nebula is on the verge of forming a star
No burning remnant though, a spark of Genius
A patient discovery in the inter-dimensional heavens

We're not leading a recline of false reality,
We are walking on the roof of a revolution.
And the door is just waiting, waiting for the decent Einstein
To tremble on all quantum secrets that secrete in that breathing paradox
And connect with the unconnectable...

...before long, the impossible will be the probable.
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