Atomic Bonding

By: ChloBot (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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The sky is falling down soon,
I can already feel my engine burning,
Maybe I shouldn’t have been drinking.

It’s too late now, I’m ready to party
My knees are weak, my vision’s blurry,
Her eyes reflect the moon.

My sensors detect an unknown feeling
Should I engage or release, my clutch doesn’t know,
My heart sucks, squeezes, bangs and blows,
It’s my chance, she’s got me overheating.

My pistons are driving me crazy,
I never thought she would do that to me,
It’s clear now; tonight she’s the one that can drive me.

After dark, under the strobe light,
Fully oiled, I’m ready to ignite,
The dancing is well smooth, she noticed,
There is no time to loose, I’ve already decided,
I’m not mistaking the brake and the accelerator,
You’ve already activated my motor.
Till morning, I’ll make you swing...
The robot dance is always a win!
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