The Balance of Power

By: xi chen (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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The Mother guides,
The Child ignores,
Nature provides,
But Mankind has wars.

The scene is set,
The actors rehearse,
The play is for life,
On this changing earth.

Power to change,
In your hand and mine,
No limit or range,
'cept that of time.

Earth, wind, water and fire,
Elements to give man his desire,
Energy needs, consumption increased,
Act now or millions deceased.

So many turbines encircle the planet,
Tides of change to save it or damn it!
Fission or fusion in doughnuts replace,
Carbon taking the solution from space.
Question time is now,
All Man must ask,
Reduce Energy, but how?
We all have this task,
Stop racing with rats,
Look round to see,
Act now, there is no Plan B!
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