The Fresher Physicist of Manchester

By: Ali (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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With my lab partner Big D,
I calculated Big G,
The results were dodgy,
Manipulation was key,
Looked stuff up on wiki,
‘cos it was too damn tricky,
Why, oh, why gravity,
Do you do this to me?

When it came to oscillations,
Feynman was inspiration,
Damped or forced no hesitation,
I was filled with anticipation,
Then I started on vibration,
I didn’t get the formulation,
Nor the Q factors implications,
Until I solved the differential equations.

I spend my time in Schuster,
Don’t need no calculator,
Built a telescope on the first floor,
Spied the planet known as Jupiter,
Here in sunny Manchester,
Cox don’t have all the power,
Splits it with Forshaw and Loebinger,
They got some prime numerical banter;

We all have that physics swagger.
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