Footprints Around The Silent Building

By: Nafel Alotaibi (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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It was rainy & windy
I was trying to find my way

This is my first day
In my favorite university

I can't forget that day

I don't know
Where to go

No body care
Who is there

I can't forget that day

in front of Sackville building
ugly face was smoking

I smile politely to her
Unfortunately, she doesn't care

I can't forget that day

Without more justification
I reach my destination

Very Long corridor
Silent people dream "doctor"

I can't forget that day

Since they came to the kingdom
All believe in this wisdom

As a PhD Candidate
You have to be up-to-date
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nice poem, well done Nafel and good luck
M Alanazi:
I like your wisdom
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