The silent scream

By: Imhotep Baptiste (School of Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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What was that!
That sharp shrieking sound!
Piercing my silence like a meticulously sharpened dagger,
Sliding through flesh.
Did you not hear it?
Listen Carefully.

It does not vibrate your eardrums but resonates with your mind.
This sound is inexplicable.
It is your darkest secrets,
Your dreams, your aspirations,
The answer to your most burning questions.
Your fears, your success, your failures.
Your fear of failure,
And success.

It is no longer a sound.
It is a bright light…
No, wait,
An object;
A house, a tree, a butterfly, a woman, a child,
It is me.
But now it has returned to an audio signal.
And I’m beginning to understand it.

It is a scream!
A silent scream that transcends the young, shallow mind.
I can now see the scream,
It is an ancient man…
My ancient mind.
Calling, screaming to me,
Attempting to cross dimensions of space, time and reality to contact silly little ignorant me.
I feel special.
You have my full attention!

No, oh wise one,
I do not want to know the secrets of the universe,
Or the future,
My life on earth will become pointless.
Answer me this one question.
What am I missing?
Where is that needle in the haystack,
It is both visible and invisible,
Elusive and enticing,
This missing ingredient,
This paradoxical….. thing!

I persevere, I work hard.
I am humbled by success,
I learn from failure.
But my joy lacks jubilation,
My sorrow lacks tears…
STOP Child,
You asked the wrong question.
What you should have asked is:
Why am I screaming?
I scream for your acknowledgement.
I am you so you know the answer to all your questions.
You just have to hear my scream.
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