By: MCarson (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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All the work in my life had led me to this,
A pill lay before me, in this dark abyss,
My dreams, ambitions, and fears filled my eyes,
How was I to know this pill was my demise?

I thought to myself ‘The pill must be tested,
Scrutinized, assessed, approved, and invested,
No animal could I submit to this trial,
It is I who must swallow the pill in the phial.’

Immediately after, I noticed the change,
A sharpness, a sweetness; my mind seemed deranged,
What others assumed secret; their thoughts and feelings,
I could see and hear, as though I was dreaming.

It was my “Eureka!”; a triumph, a thrill.
A world of telepathy inside of a pill;
For what used to be fiction – an irrationality,
Was no longer fantasy, but my own, brief, reality.

The weather turned bleak as I pounded the streets,
Everyone’s thoughts were destruction and defeat,
While people would speak of their love and their glee,
A swarm of hostility was all I could see.

Liars were omnipresent, a sea of dishonesty,
I hated it all, the cheats, the mendacity!
The mercury tumbled and the sky turned sour,
As I arrived home to my final hour.

The power of this pill was stunning and prime,
It decayed little with distance and never with time,
This was the pill’s weakness, its ultimate flaw,
For I knew what happened behind a closed door.

And I knew what was happening, right then, out of sight,
And it filled me with anger, it filled me with fright,
This knowledge was not power, it was of no use,
Unfortunately I did know how to tie a noose.

With my final minutes, my mind was delirious,
And, just to think, I’d thought I’d be imperious,
The thoughts of thousands were surrounding my brain,
But I could only hear one, with zero refrain.

My fingers were frozen, my hands were numb,
Why didn’t I own a sweet, simple gun?
I stepped up and donned my necklace-like rope,
There was no more life; there was no more hope.

I was my own lab-rat, the irony shows,
My life’s work complete, now this was the close,
The sky opened and covered my body with snow,
There are some things, it seems, we ought not to know.
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