The Four Horsemen

By: stairwaytohell7 (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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You, the Universe, near and yonder,
How it is, you make me ponder,
What deep secrets do you hold?
Such great knowledge, new and old.

It is said, you are governed by Four,
Only those, no less and no more,
So now we explore them, each in turn,
And their roles in Nature, we will learn.

First, the Strong, how strong you are,
you act with the close, but never the far,
Binding all of our matter together,
You shall go on, forever and ever.

Second, the Weak, causing decay,
Alpha or Beta, how will you sway?
You have many uses, from medicine from power,
Supplying energy, every day, every hour.

Third, Electromagnetic, giving us light,
Without you, we would be forever in night,
Attractive or repulsive, depending on charge,
And just like your beauty, your range is large.

Finally, Gravity, perhaps the most known,
The mystery of them all, you reside alone,
Described by Classical, hiding in Quantum,
However, for now, you leave us wanton.

And so it ends, the story of Four,
One day in the future, we’ll open the door,
Until then, we’ll keep debating,
To find your secrets. One day. Waiting.
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