A gas cloud floats

By: DanielHan (School of Physics and Astronomy)
Competition Year: 2014
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A gas cloud floats, a new-born in the empty vacuum.
It gathers. It combines. It lives.
Singular, the lone star rises from the gassy plume-womb.
The first of its kind, a solitary light in our night sky,
Joys it brings to the heavensā€¦parents, the magic of their creation.
Inside the core, protected and fed with hydrogen-love,
It grows. It survives. It blossoms.

As it gains gravity-mass-age, the star shines.
Shines out, radiates in all directions, touching the lives of all.
The main sequence has begun and stable burning,
With its unwavering determination, leads the way for the youngster
It glows. It fuses together the materials of life.


It ball oons ou twards

Booming rapidly, gasping for air,

Instability in its pubertal stages, he experiences
Unpredictable waverings of the soul.
Experiences lust for the first timeā€¦
It struggles. It wrestles. It implodes. It explodes.
Still too hot to approach, hotter than ever, it waits, burning white
From the hydrogen-love, it took before.
But now, it gives, ever more steadily and passionately with its strong, glimmering iron core.
Until it can not anymore, hardened to blackness.

My Son, you are ready now.
Ready to face,
To meet. To love. To passion.
Things approach, attracted, gravitated, accreted.
Life-long colleagues, friends, lover.
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