Dabbling in Light

By: Ekin O (School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Eng.)
Competition Year: 2014
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What is art, but the dabbling
In the wavelengths, which a paintbrush holds
Or the greyscale a sketch foretold
Maybe the vibrations that ring clear in our ears
Possibly the equations that transport us to the world of our fears
Under the stars and the moon
We find ecstatic patterns hewn
And put them to a medium we do
Science is but the same thing,
Look inside and you'll see for
What is science, but the spectrum split and found
Of colours, endless and unbound
Of melodies that move between quiet and loud.
The moving heavens we gaze upon
Never still is the Earth that we're on.
All of us pulled towards the fiery plasma suspended in the sky
That shows us the how and why
Of energy unlimited and vast
So tell me how we see them apart when
Wavelengths are to colours what vibrations are to sound
And the page upon which their pencils' touch,
Reveals the secrets of the world, and
When thoughts of joy are so profound,
A time through which their ideas ebb and flow,
Time and time again, more they know,
And so the parting line between science and art
Is blurred by nature whom never set them apart
And did Nye not show that science and engineering go hand in hand?
A line blurred from the start.
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