By: Ben
Competition Year: 2013
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Bang! Went the universe
and so the dance began

Between new states did energy flitter
Till virgin sky awash with glitter
But entropy crept along in kind
This spring of birth would soon find
Each new state has its cost in time

In time this early innocence died
as death picked off the stars like flies
Violent or resigned to their fate
mortality lay in their wake

Our current age of death and rebirth
may well be summer of the universe
Sentience, our fleeting quirk
Our quaint ideas of meaning and worth
In a universe aloof and clockwork

As all dies and winter draws near
entropy's grand plan comes clear
Light will fade to featureless black
to life and order we can never go back

I'm often struck by the futility
the inevitable doom of all I see
Meaning can be hard to free
When just a slave of entropy.

I need a shit.
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