Human Nature

By: Naybo
Competition Year: 2013
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We view, taste, hear, dream, follow.

If we had not been born with it plastered on our TV screens: role models that we were taught to idolize teaches us what we payed them to do.

Guinea pigs to the full portrait, our eyes stay blind only way to set free from the force of nature of corruption is to judge that inner sign that inner voice and listen to the correction you need.

Trying to show you have become an addict to the world, desires to please your alter ego will give you the worst shock your footprints have ever come across.

You cut your heart for one hour of joy, everlasting tears will only follow in the end: leads you to pause.. and think, was it worth for only a few moment of "yay".

Fun falling unidentified nature you have woken up in your own self, but yet you cant remember yourself, what is going on or what happened to you, so you simply move on
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