Evolution of Science

By: Robert
Competition Year: 2013
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Buried within the human mind,
Questions; how, what, where and why?
Many seeds of query planted,
The source of knowledge now taken for granted.

Shoots emerge and capillaries grow,
Equations drift in laminar flow,
For each explanation more questions arise,
But relished, since the answer's a prize.

Adjacent to this cognitive stream,
Another flows fuelled with design and scheme,
It's the engineering branch and it can only progress,
When the two intertwine and both coalesce.

A bulging artery now meanders the body,
So dependent we've grown on modern technology,
Turbulent currents of wisdom so rapid,
Forgotten the time when science was placid.

An augmenting momentum floods the front line,
Colossal expansion; the work done is sublime,
Permitting this tide to gush through your veins,
Brings bliss as you are unleashed from your reins.
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