The Heat Engine

By: Angus
Competition Year: 2013
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An agitated meeting,
In a turbulent space,
Their common repulsion,
Will soon be replaced,

Pressed and squeezed,
They hold their embrace,
Our sun glowing gold,
From their bonds release,

Reaching skyward,
The forest now stands,
Grasping this sunlight,
With outstretched hands,

Converting a sunbeam,
To a structure that's sound,
Grows tall in a lifetime,
Then falls to the ground,

As cliffs turn to sand,
The wood has long passed,
Towering then crumbling,
Through earth's hour glass,

Their humble sarcophagus,
An alchemists dream,
Transformed in secret,
Black gold lies unseen,

But the graverobbers came,
And they dug deep,
They cut,

They burnt.

There is no mention,
In the order of service,
Of a cremation,
For our own purpose,

In greater numbers,
They now conspire,
To return the favour,
As we fuel the fire,

Our arrogance revealed,
As it drip drips away,
Its out of our hands now,
The three laws hold sway.
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