The Hunt

By: Rob
Competition Year: 2013
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First, when he was young he looked across space
with pouring eyes the great space, and saw.
Thoughts leapt, and hands grasped.
He dug his brothers out from the mud, and
set them on their feet in the trembling sun.

And though space was great, they washed in the sun's white light, and were baptised. But his brothers were weak,
for in the glare they saw the face of truth
and bent their backs in madness before the glory.

'Harlequin aspect! Dread trickster!' He decried them for he knew
that truth did not blaze forth from the heavens,
but languished in the earth.

So with sinew, muscle, rock, tool, spit and steel,
with tine, with hope, with cursing, shrieking, doubting nights,
he raised shimmering endeavour,
and gave it to his brothers on that sad height,
and set it in the sun.
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