Confessions of a conceited mind

By: Raheel Nawaz
Competition Year: 2013
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The ice melted, the cave opened, out I came,
Holding a flame….

Tamed a horse; sowed a grain
Rolled a wheel; flew a plane
Found a quark, and a helical chain
Yet this anguish! Yet this pain!

Flaunting a boson, riding a rainbow
I warn the gods, “Respect, you must show!”
(Prometheus is smiling, Zeus buried below),
“My weapons are mighty, you better lie low!
My knowledge, my arrow!
My wisdom, my bow!”
Deep in my heart a fear looms though,
This curse of mine, will it ever go?
For the more I learn, the less I know!

The Human Genome, my rapture, my craze
These ‘three billion letters’ form barely a phrase!
This diversity of beings in my little shrine,
What I call 'life' is merely a line!
This gravity – my enemy, this universe – my cage
Immense, but still no more than a page…

The chapter?
The volume?
The book, my dear?
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