The Atom

By: TDavies
Competition Year: 2013
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Surely Democritus was not the first
But that is where this tale of genius begins
Our quest for knowledge, our hunger, thirst
Dividing rocks to seek the answers within
Yet Aristotle mocked his theory so right
And so it was forgotten, lost into the night

Ages passed with no answers revealed
Until Rutherford, and his startling results
Secrets of the atom no longer concealed
However, still more questions, ideas, consults
Now enters Einstein with revolutionary concepts
Here changing the world, his ideas. So complex

Next to make history, Dirac and his equations
Leaves room for antimatter, thus pushing the mechanics.
These great men have now laid the foundations
And have begun the ball rolling with quantum dynamics
The discoveries continue, from quarks to photons
First mention of the Higgs, and the mathematics of bosons

The findings are slowing as the proofs become harder
But determined we are with our logical theories
Struggling to comprehend dark energy and matter
Yet soldiering on to give rise to our queries
The last piece of the puzzle, the Higgs is revealed
Acknowledge the Collider, no longer concealed.

The standard model is formed but still questions to answer
Like the next stanza in line, and to whom does it matter?
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