The Special One

By: Fred Y. J.
Competition Year: 2013
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There was the Almighty God,
Who created everything with his best shot.
He was the only Great Spirit above,
Who pondered, "Have I done good or not?"

He granted everyone a profession
Which humans were destined to sharpen.
He made teachers, soldiers, doctors and then,
He made lawyers, philosophers and salesmen.

God tried as much as he could.
And each got his own job as he should.
It seemed the situation was good,
Which put God into a wonderful mood.

He decided to rest for a day,
When a sudden groan happened his way.
"Help me!" The man cried in dismay.
"I have no job! I have been turned away!"

The Creator was caught in a deep confusion.
He had planned all things to the greatest precision.
But why did this man not find his position?
Was this to be his specialist fortune?

God, at length, understood and smiled.
"Don't immerse yourself in sorrow, my child.
And don't complain; it is not anyone's fault.
You are the Special One; it matters naught."

"You may freeze in summer and sweat when it is cold.
You may work with equipment that is dirty and old.
You may have done your utmost, but progress still grows slow.
You may make mistakes, but have to keep them in a narrow field."

"You are forever cursed and blessed.
You are psychologically fine, but seem ill.
You do have fears, but are also brave and bold.
You may be quickly successful, but ultimately fold."

"You are granted an unconquerable soul.
You have knowledge enough to break through thresholds.
You are fueled with a faith to clutch the truth's tail.
You are an engineer, and in this you shan't fail!"
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