By: peachlovealialio
Competition Year: 2013
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Accompanied with Lagrange and Fourier;

Your face looking like concave function is stared at.

After sorrow’s differential and hope’s integrate;

To chase Riemann’s first dream with you is what I want.

With convergence being difficult to block, with feelings being divergent;

Cauchy will be crazy without your limit.

De Lickley and Lebegue Jan is looking at Leibnitz’s portrait;

Rabet and Taylor is McLaughlin’s song in the hall full of light.

Breaking the supermum of everything in life with nothing left;

The way towards perfect future will be met.

My heart is becoming argument;

And my function varies with you down and up.

Low order or finite order, uniformly or non-uniformly;

Just like Piano remainder of the days together we spent.
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