Let There Be Light

By: Firew Abera Biruu
Competition Year: 2013
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Let There Be Light!

Let There be Violet!...
And there was the Big Bang
The violent moment
The birth of the worlds, on which all came to exist

Let There be Indigo!
A good intuition
Of things happening
For the better on earth

Let There be a Blue!
For the young science and technology
For the peace, harmony we hoped to be having

Let There be a Green!
For the life on earth and out in the space
So they go in numbers and live in all goodness

Let There be a Yellow!
The joy the happiness that started to show
For the fruits of intellect we humans brought
For the ease of life and projected growth

Let There be an Orange!
For the big wrong turn, for the unfortunate
For the War among us, for the One and Two
And for our endurance to come out the event

Let There be Red!
Yes let there be Red, a big bold Red
Red of not negative! But, red of Remindness
To tell to our inner, that we fought ourselves
That we killed our likeness
That we misuse our minds
Red of not negative, but red of Remindness
To stop this madness!

Yes, but...
Let there be a lesson - past experience, we have lived through this!
Science, Engineering, Social fruits of us
Let them change the earth to One great nation
Stop all Wars Now, hate and violation!

Let there be Light!
Let there be love and let there be peace,
'At Least' . . ., Throughout the Universe!
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