Being Human..

By: Abbas
Competition Year: 2013
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We unweave the rainbow perhaps it’s true,
But equally true, scientist, author and poet alike
All long for the uncharted extremes
Minkowski talked of space-time, Joyce had his streams.
Newton’s calculus and Shakespeare’s phrases aside
History’s rich in tales where the toll of fear and doubt
brought Science to its knees.
It’s human to hope, to fear, doubt and plough on till the end
It’s human to take leaps of faith
To dream, to dread, to believe in heaven and hell
Yet it’s more human to take a first step into the unknown
And thereby hangs a tale...

Just as it’s human to doubt and live by faith
Being human, scientists pour their life in their work
Unbeknownst to them if joy will greet them at the end
They nonetheless keep on longing for yet further extremes
And there lies a vision of Science’s own heaven and hell...
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