Civil Mind

By: Al-Lawati
Competition Year: 2013
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I believed that I was destined to become a football player
I finished school and my parents sent me abroad
To be a civil engineer!

Simple tasks became strategic visions
I looked at life like an open book to explore
I view it now as a statistics report
Full of numbers and angles.

The rose, tingled by the breeze, how beautiful it is ...
Is the ground underneath suitable for a concrete fill?

Caffeine became a source of rare enjoyment
As I understand lining of sewers and hydraulic systems
Working all nights completing endless assignments
Thinking about future employment

An unfortunate person ensured a donation,
Regardless of my mood
I stopped because now I can calculate the amount he would spend on food, Most of it was on booze
Heartless accurate conclusions
Made me realise that my sense of life is fading
I call the football a leather sphere
I used to score naturally into the goal
But today I stand confused,
As my eyes see a PVC rectangle shape and more
Soon, the seemingly easy chance has gone

I hope this is all temporary
Otherwise I will need mind therapy
Perhaps finishing my design drawings will help me,
Stop wasting time on unbeneficial poetry.
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