Quantised Qualia

By: moxillen
Competition Year: 2013
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Photons grace our retinae, illuminating our occipital lobes since birth.
Covert custodians of all speeds known on Earth.
Humbly allowing us to fathom our existence and truly comprehend life’s net worth.

Huygens on one end, Newton on another, driven to a corner we were forced to pick a side.
Observing our zero-sum debate, Nature sat quietly in the corner; smiling, until the time was right.
She then whispered unto us, “You have no say in this, for it is your consciousness that will decide.”

Undeterred, we clove the atom asunder in an attempt to do Doctor Higgs proud.
13.7 billion years and the eleventh-dimensional superstrings had never shared a laugh this loud.
In with both feet, yet we caused but a faint fray on the Quantum world’s shroud.

Ineffably enmeshed with the hologram of our illusion,
The inseverable subjectivity of perception served as anything but our solution.
So we began to celebrate praises for the journey and not the conclusion.

Oblivious to our imprisonment by empiricism from first light till bed.
Visitors to this strange spatiotemporal construct until our eulogies are read.
Only on our way home do we realise that this universe was all just in our heads.
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