The poet and the engineer

By: Annelie
Competition Year: 2013
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Say why don't you engineers
allow imagination to take form
Don't you understand
The beauty that it brings forth?

All your lengthly calculations
And scientific theories
Limit your imagination
and thus your creations

My dear friend of poetic mind
I'm afraid to say but cannot lie
You understand not what I do
Your words demonstrate this to be true

An engineer's ideas
Come from nature's beauty
The calculations adapted
So it can be built in all safety

From birds we stole flight
From trees, a buildings might
From universal coldness so black
Understanding how gravity pulls us back

See that building over there
Magestic and tall it does stand
Take a careful look my friend
And I shall explain it to the end

From a slice of a rainbow
Those arches were born
A hyperbole of words
gives it that twisting form

Slow meandering of the river
Contributes that flowing shape
Finally calculations confirm
It shall stand against fate

So you see my friend
We are quite the same
Ideas pulled from the world
Yield answers within these pages.
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