By: L N
Competition Year: 2013
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I'm sorry that things didn't turn out the way we wanted.
But I want you to know that I've watched you grow
From the very beginning of your life
And no-one in the world appreciates you like I do.

Mesmerised by our first encounter
With that luminescent glow across your face
You were so pristine, diffracting symmetrically
So flawless in your imperfections.

Delicately resting within a cradle of glass
I impetuously attend to your cries
Every molecule resonating, we embrace
Line graphs fluctuate gently with your beautiful signal

Blank. Pale-white in your apathy
I've always yearned to empathise
With the sponteneity of your character
We sit together. Silent, eyes closed

Indexes and angles, focus and defocus
Sterilised and analysed. Emotions aside
Difficult and sobering truths
Permit others to forget you,

But I'm still mesmerised by your luminescent glow
And no-one in the world appreciates you like I do.
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