Life of a PhD

By: Jiashen Teh
Competition Year: 2013
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A challenging PhD journey has finally begun,
Embarking a narrow path that is seldom shone by the Sun,
Steep, rocky and full of obstacles,
Still, it won't deter my inner burning desire

There are times of wanting to take the easy way out,
With occasional thought of giving it all up,
It was then I recalled Isaac Newton's third law of motion
"For every action, there's an equal amount of reaction"

To achieve something great and noble,
Continuous efforts and sacrifices are the basic formula
Though pressure and tension along this journey are inevitable,
I truly believe that a determined mind is able to cross these hurdles

Homesick is what I fear most when I'm alone,
Traveled all the way to Manchester, it is nowhere near my comfort zone
Leaving my loved ones was not an easy decision,
But I have to constantly remind myself, I'm here for a mission

To make my family proud,
And to achieve what i have dreamed since i was a child,
In hoping to improve and empower the way people live,
Graduating with a PhD degree would be an amazing gift!
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