'Since the mastery of fire, we need not be afraid of the dark'

By: Mike
Competition Year: 2013
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What is today if not for tomorrow?
A chance to thrive, and not live in sorrow

We solve questions unsolvable in the realms of Law, Business or Banking
Our lives today, we have only the sciences to be thanking
Calculating equations may not seem much fun at first thought
But it is much more important, not to be bought
And we all quickly realise, as hard as at first it seems
It is easier to work towards understanding, than to struggle up streams

If Integrity is the key, where is the door?
In the precisely crafted doorway, built from before
How are we to work with technology, if technology does not work with us?
In this interconnected universe, boundaries need not be a fuss

We see pain and suffering, and as helpless as we feel
We must open our minds, to only what is real

We need not worry about evils, as there is always a solution
Proven time and again, and we do not want devolution!

Akin to the Science we study, we know no limits
We are not bound by territory, peoples or ideology
And we are not simply observers, like those in Sociology!

We are all mere children, saddled with pain, of which the only cure is curiosity, with hopes to be sane.
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