By: Chris Li
Competition Year: 2013
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A mathematical proposition from the professor is proclaimed,
20% for this module, the coursework is named,
As axioms take forms of definitions and textbooks come flying out,
Half of the lecture hall is still shouting “what is this all about?”
So where do I start? What do I need?
Innovation, motivation, I need to be lifted, oh true aviation!
These three words make quite a nice rhyme;
But still I cannot verify this triple integration!
In concentration, I enter my very own dimension: I will leave in my own time.
Impervious to distraction... sadly due to a lack of deliberation.

A hellish warzone blazing in my head. Where am I? Stuck in this web of time.
Too hot for Heaven, too cold for Earth,
All else around me has frozen over.
I envisaged the future even though it was just a memory.

Alienated: Unloved, Failing and Obsessive I have become distraught,
Bowing my head in defeat as all my calculations lead to naught.
Blank pages as my brain is playing in the empty set,
Quitting now is easily my best bet.
I lift my head to find I am all alone,
Goodness me! Even the library has gone home!

What is this algorithm I am following? A blueprint congruent to a lie,
Working in the complex plane yet I see no two pi i.
I am searching all the wrong places, digressing, not taking flight,
So lost; I am flashing darkness onto the light.
A curveball has been thrown directly towards my head,
And foolishly I am eating all of these lies that I am fed,
I have been swimming in the wrong lake and fishing in the wrong pond,
This is not chemistry, yet I am stuck like a covalent bond.
Dinner break. My herring is salted and smoked to a red tonight.

Recess over. Where did I go wrong?
Time stands still as I sit down,
I’m takin’ this bad boy downtown!

Receding on my path, I am glad I left a trail.
Time waste: full cycle.
Eulerian path?
What a laugh!

I focus intently on the formulae at hand,
So purposefully the equations work out as planned,
At this stage, I am reaping rewards of making ground,
180 pages and I have not turned around.
I see the symmetry of logic; the reflection of light;
The transition of life; glowing gloriously bright.
Flawless perfection, a contagious infection,
Of knowledge and power in this mathematical shower.
This equivalence relation has brought upon mighty jubilation,
Emotion never before felt in this ungodly hour.

Q.E.D. oh how I would love to say,
But here not ends our frustration,
The base case is complete but this is your induction.
First things first, holidays have come,
Vacations on the beach may be the agenda for some.
But truth is this: Your destination is relatively distant,
Whereas revision, let us call it non-existent,
Exams are set and holidays are booked,
Reality says: you are well and truly...
Out of luck!
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I like the bit about Q.E.D
ah haha this is brilliant Chirs!
This is awesome, great rhyming and full of metaphors, nice work!