The Azgaardian library

By: Syracusa
Competition Year: 2013
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Hello traveller

Again we find ourselves in the place, surrounded by thousands of books,
Books as I described as the transcript of a person’s life.
A person who had their time, and wrote of their passions, struggles, triumphs, hardships and strife.

Six months down the line, in this place you may call your new home.
There where your dream catcher stands beside you, and where musical notes fall like rain from the rooftops.

In life, we’ve all had moments of doubt and distorted thoughts.
A little fragment of our imagination that always gets away from us.
Even when you sleep your mind is racing through the battle, trying to pick up the pieces of the past.

You know better than I do, that just around the corner there is an empty stretch of beauty where one can wander, and open their brightest of thoughts to the darkest of stages.

If you see what I see, as I sit by the window on these cold winter mornings under the bright skies, then you will understand why I seek the solace of the rooftops.

Some people fail to see that life is beautiful,
Always under the illusion that life has to perfect but never realizing that life just has to be lived.

Remember, when the flowers begin to blossom don’t forget to remind yourself of that which lies on the other side of the open world.
And when the flowers have wilted don’t forget to ask yourself,
What do you really see, from your side of the glass....
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