Lunar Learning

By: Zara S (School of Materials)
Competition Year: 2018
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“It's over 200,000 miles away you know”.
Immature eyes shine with reverent wonder,
At the paled lunar satellite,
And wise ones smile in acknowledgement
Of youthful ignorance.

Distilling facts into his child's mind,
“The number’s not far off the speed of light”.
A mystical setting; the atmosphere an oily canvas,
Painted in darkened shades.
The air like glass;

Cold and clear to the skin, but bitter
Sharp – that draws the threads from my mind
And webs the skies in my thoughts,
My wonder.
I am made new by this night.

My mind now painted in lighter shades.
But child's steps still only dance around
The heavy reality of adulthood;
Innocent, fragile and naïve;
“You look cold, let's go home”.
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